How to Make a DIY Miniature Easter Basket, Eggs, & Candy!

Hey guys!  Today I'm making a DIY Mini Easter Basket with Candy!  I've also tossed in some miniature dollhouse accessories from other tutorials.  The baskets are made from craft foam and ribbon.  And you can find the printable mini candy bar wrappers HERE.

Easy Miniature Easter Baskets - Reuse Those Coffee Pods!

With Easter just around the corner, what better use for your leftover coffee pods than by making miniature Easter baskets? What crafter doesn't love to find clever ways to reuse items that would otherwise get tossed in the trash?  These Keurig coffee pods are the perfect container for plenty of fun, kid-friendly crafts.

I first trimmed my Keurig coffee pod to about an inch in height, then glued a small spool of ribbon.  First using hot glue, then getting annoyed with how long it took, and switching to tacky glue.
 To help keep the ribbon ends from fraying, I like to apply a bit of clear nail polish.  Give it time to dry, then glue in place.
Then I added a puffy sticker for detail.  I found some adorable puffy animal-themed stickers on Amazon that I use in a lot of my miniature dollhouse crafts.

Or check out my other DIY Miniature Easter Basket (video) tutorial

As always, if you make this craft, or have other suggestions for the coffee pods, please leave me a comment.  Happy Easter! 


Just in Time for Easter - Printable Miniature Candy Bar Wrappers!

Hey guys!  As some of you may know, I love making my own printables, especially mini doll food.  Today's printable features variations on some mini candy bars (Snickers, Twix, Skittles, Hershey's, Etc.).  Click HERE for the printable and make these for your dollhouse kitchen or dollhouse Easter basket today! To give the wrappers some shine, you can lightly paint them with Glossy Mod Podge.  Just don't use too much or it will smear the colors. 
Dollhouse Printable Candy Bar Wrappers
For the miniature chocolate bars, I use craft foam and paint with nail polish for a glossy effect.  As always, please leave a comment if you make these!

DIY Printable Miniature Candy Bars

4 DIY Miniature Slimes

Hey guys!  If you love slime, making slime is the perfect Spring Break activity.  Here is a compilation of miniature slime DIY ideas to help get you started.  If you like these, you may also like my other mini slime compilation tutorials.  See that post HERE.

4 More DIY Miniature Slimes

Hey guys!  Today's Youtube video is another slime compilation video featuring some of my popular slime videos - Easter egg slime, food slime, and more! 

Do You Love Mermaids? Make This DIY Miniature Mermaid Dollhouse Room Today!

Hey guys!  In today's Youtube DIY tutorial, I'm making a miniature dollhouse bedroom with a mermaid theme.  So a mermaid bed, boat shaped bookcase,  a mini desk, a miniature closet, a miniature fish bowl, and other mini stuff.  I use foam board for my dollhouse rooms, which you can buy at Dollar Tree for $1 a sheet. 

The tutorial for the Mermaid doll bed is HERE.  And for details on making the super easy miniature betta fish bowl, click HERE. Finally, you can find the mermaid printables HERE. If you make this cute room, please let me know in the comments :)

Cute Animal Printable Dollhouse Notebooks That You Can Make Today!

Hey guys!  I just love making dollhouse printables.  They're so much fun to make, and are a much needed dollhouse item.  If you have a colored printer, it's much cheaper to use printables, than to actually buy Barbie or LPS accessories.  Plus, there's so much free clip art out there, I often go to Pixabay, which is a great site with lots of free images for use, then use Canva to create my dollhouse printables.  As always, let me know if you print any or if you decide to make your own :)

I used these animal themed notebooks in my Youtube miniature accessories tutorials: FOX miniatures,  PANDA minis, FROG minis, CAT, MONKEY, and DOG.

Click HERE to get your printable!  Then fold paper accordion style and glue inside.

DIY Printable Notebooks

These DIY Miniature Doll Diaries are so Much Fun to Make!

Hey guys!  When I was a kid, I wrote in my diary / journal nearly every day.  So, I love making these miniature diaries for the dollhouse.  Just using craft foam and paper clips for the locks.  They're so easy to make, and using a multi-hole punch (I like using this one HERE), I can craft eyes, cheeks, noses, and mouths to make miniature pandas, unicorns, cats, and frogs.  Or you can simply attach a fun sticker for detail.   

For a tutorial on how to make one, you can check out this post HERE
Easy DIY Miniature Doll Diaries

Eek! More Fun Mini School Supplies - 11 DIY Fox Miniatures - Backpack, Notebooks, & More

Hey guys!  In today's DIY miniature Youtube tutorial, I'll show you how to make some DIY dollhouse fox-themed miniature school supplies, including a mini backpack with a zipper, notebooks, a tablet and case, mini folders, a doll headband, miniature calculators, and other mini school supplies.

This is part of a larger series of animal-themed dollhouse miniatures.  Click HERE for the miniature monkey craft tutorial.  HERE for the miniature dog craft tutorial, or HERE for the miniature panda tutorial. 

These crafts work for Barbie dolls, but could be resized (some) for LPS (Littlest Pet Shop) pets.  These little zippered backpacks would even make a fun kid-friendly gift to give a friend as a mini change purse.  Click HERE to watch the video!  And click HERE for the printable tablet, mini folders, miniature notebook paper, and notebooks.
DIY Miniature Fox Crafts

Painting Sea Shells is an Easy Kid-friendly Spring Break Craft!

Do you have dozens of sea shells and no idea what to do with them?  You're not alone.  Over the years, my daughter has collected a shockingly large amount of sea shells, despite the fact that we don't live anywhere near a beach. 

Painted sea shells are a fun craft.

As I was making a miniature Mermaid-themed dollhouse bedroom for my Youtube channel, I realized the amazing potential of painted sea shells.  This was such an easy, kid-friendly craft using water color paints.  I also found that using shells with crevices makes for much cuter painted seashells.

Spruce Up Your Dollhouse with These DIY Printable Miniature Cell Phones, Tablets, and Laptop Templates

Doll technology printables

Printable miniatures are an easy way to spruce up any dollhouse.  Are your dolls in need of some serious technology?  Then print these miniature dollhouse printables today!  I decided to put all of my miniature technology printables in one place.  Find printable laptop templates, printable cell phones, and printable tablets.

I like to print mine on glossy or matte photo paper.  Then cut out and glue the printables to cardstock or craft foam.  Click HERE for the printable.

Don't Get Pinched St. Patrick's Day with Easy DIY Saint Patrick's Day Shamrock Pins!

Are you looking for a fun way to incorporate green and avoid getting pinched this St Patrick's Day?  Check out these super easy little shamrock pins!  If you don't already have foam shamrocks (four leaf clovers), you can make them out of regular craft foam.  

Use a multi-hole punch (I love my multi-hole punch, find it HERE), acrylic paint, and thin craft foam paper to make the eyes, mouth, and cheeks to bring these shamrock pins to life!  And if you're feeling super generous, you can make some for your friends :)

Easy DIY Shamrock Pins
Crafting tools needed

It's SLIME TIME! Make this NOW - DIY McDonald's Shamrock Milkshake Slime

Do you and your kids LOVE making miniature slime or any other type of slime!  My daughter and I sure do!  She's got a slime collection like no other.  Just in time for St. Patrick's Day - a mini slime craft!  Just using a lid, liquid starch, glue, paint, memory foam and puff paint for the frosting, and a label (I googled mine).  A super fun St. Patrick's Day craft.

Fill Your Dollhouse Kitchen with These DIY Miniature Flour, Sugar, and Baking Item Printables

I LOVE making miniature printables for Barbie, LPS, and other small dolls, but not all of them make it onto my Youtube channel.  So here are some miniature food printables I made for some Barbie cooking skits.  I hope you enjoy.  Link HERE:

Make This DIY Miniature Mermaid Bed for Your LOL, LPS, or Small Dolls!

Hey guys!  Today I made a DIY miniature mermaid bed to go along with my mermaid room (tutorial soon).  As always, I had LPS (Littlest Pet Shop) or LOL sized dolls in mind, but you could adjust the scale to make a Barbie sized bed.

I use a lot of foam board in my miniature dollhouse crafts simply because it's a lot cleaner than cardboard.  You can buy a large sheet at Dollar Tree (for $1) and it should be enough for a few LPS DIY dollhouses and plenty of miniature dollhouse accessories (beds, mini dressers, etc). 

Craft This! A DIY Miniature Wardrobe Closet, Clothing, & Accessories - Collab with Re...

Hey guys!  I'm loving this little wardrobe with clothing and accessories, perfectly sized for LPS, LOL, or Shopkins dolls.  This open-faced DIY miniature wardrobe was much fun to make, using paper, foam board, beads, and craft foam.  Add some origami dresses and t-shirts, along with craft foam scarves, skirts, and shoes for Littlest Pet Shop pets and you are good to go! 

It's SPRING! Time to Craft a DIY Miniature Dollhouse Garden Yard or Outdoor Scene!

Hey guys!  Are your LPS (Littlest Pet Shop) or LOL dolls in need of a garden?  Then this DIY miniature garden is the perfect spring break craft. This is probably one of my FAVORITE miniature crafts!  I love making miniature flower pots using craft foam and pretty wooden beads.  A DIY Mini Dollhouse Garden!  A super fun LPS DIY craft.

Why Buy a Dollhouse Kit When You Can Craft One! Like this DIY Miniature Dollhouse Bedroom with a Bunk Bed!

Hey guys!  Today I'm making a DIY Miniature Dollhouse with a bunk bed for small dolls like LPS, Lol, or Shopkins on my Youtube channel.  I also show you how to make some super cute origami miniature dresses, which I learned how to make by watching fellow Youtube crafter Red Ted Art.  Click HERE to see her origami dresses.

I was inspired to make this miniature bunk bed dollhouse by the Banggood miniature dollhouse kit, which you can find HERE.  I love making cute rooms, and would love to see yours.  Please let me know if you make this cute room :)
Click HERE for the tiny laptop printables and more that I used in the tutorial.

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