DIY LPS or MLP Doll Bakery

I don't know about your pets, but mine have been asking for a bakery for FOREVER!  These dolls love their breads.  Make them a fun place to bake and hang out by following this DIY.  We're making rolls and bagels.  Plus, we've got donuts from a previous DIY video.


DIY LPS Doll Camp Cabin

Send your pets to camp in style with this fun "log" cabin, made from large paper straws.  Just think of all of the fun they will have hanging out in a camp cabin.

DIY Doll Microwave for LPS and MLP

Do your dolls tire of having to cook all of the time?  Make them a microwave so that they can finally eat on the go!  This microwave has a door that opens and closes.


DIY Doll Travel Accessories: Passport, Diary, Real Pencils, & Pens: LPS DIY

Make sure your pets can travel in style with this fun tutorial.  Make easy travel / school accessories for your LPS doll including pens and pencils, passports, diaries, money, and a pencil case.  The miniature pencils really work!


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