DIY Miniature Doll Fish Bowl

Make this super easy miniature DIY fishbowl today!

DIY Miniature Play Doh

Hey guys!  In today's Youtube tutorial, I show you how to make miniature play doh containers for your dolls.  I love making printables.  They are such a cheap, easy way to bring life to a dollhouse.  I simply printed these labels on paper, and added tape for gloss.  You can also use glossy Mod Podge.  Click HERE for the miniature printable labels.

DIY Miniature Working Doll Clipboards

Use hot glue and a hair clip to make the cutest miniature working clipboards for your dolls.

DIY LPS Doll Trundle (Pull out) Bed

My dolls LOVE this miniature DIY trundle bed because they can have sleepovers!  Your dolls will too.  The rail can be a little tricky, so you skip it and just make the bottom bunk so that it can slide under. 

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