Super Comfy DIY Miniature Panda Slippers for Barbie

Hey guys!  In today's Youtube DIY tutorial, I'm making miniature Barbie slippers with a panda theme.  These teeny little doll shoes are made from craft foam.  You'll also need hot glue and acrylic paint.  If you like panda crafts, you might check out my DIY Panda Dollhouse Miniatures Post HERE.

DIY Miniature Dollhouse Tent & Lantern

Fall is the perfect time to make your dolls a tent and camping supplies.  I'm loving this little tent, made from craft foam and felt.  The perfect size for LOL, LPS, or Shopkins dolls.

How to Make Barbie Girl Scout Cookies, Sash, and Beret - DIY

Today I made some DIY Girl Scout inspired crafts!  Girl scout cookies, badges, the sash, and a beret!  Perfect for Barbie.  The printable girl scout inspired cookie boxes are HERE.

Toy Review: LPS Cruise Ship Playset Unboxing PLUS Teensies, Pet Pairs, &...

I love this little LPS playset!  The LPS Cruise Ship is absolutely adorable, with room for 30 pets.  Check it out!!

DIY Miniature Living Room with Working Door, TV, Sofa, Lamp, Games, Book...

Finally!  I finished my miniature kitchen /living room combo for LPS and other small dolls.  Includes a sofa, tv, lamp, tv stand, and more.  Plus click HERE and HERE for some printable miniatures (television screen, books, frames, and games).

DIY Miniature Princess Bed for LOL, LPS, & Small Dolls

Hey guys, today I'm making a fun little princess bed for LPS, MLP, or LOL sized dolls.  The crown was a lot of fun to make, made from craft foam (my favorite) and gems.

DIY Miniature Jewelry Box & Halloween Jewelry / Accessories (Ring, Earri...

Today I made this fun miniature jewelry box, along with some super easy Halloween themed jewelry, craft foam chokers, earrings, and a fun little eyeball ring.

DIY LPS Custom - Harley Quinn

Today I made my first LPS custom!  And I must admit, I absolutely adore this little Harley Quinn!  I'm thinking about doing some more.  Have you ever customized your LPS? 

DIY Miniature Candy Caramel Apples - Doll Fall Food

Today I made delicious (slightly nutritious?) miniature candy apples, perfect for Barbie dolls and LPS pets as they begin the fall season.  My mom is absolutely obsessed with candy apples, though I've
never been much of a fan.  I'm much more of a chocolate kinda girl ;) 

DIY Miniature Doghouse for LPS with accessories (dog food, bowl, flower ...

Hey guys, today I made this fun little doghouse, the perfect size for LPS pets, along with a food bowl, little flower pot, bone, and miniature dog food.  You can find the dog food printable HERE.

DIY Miniature Kitchen Living Room Combo - The Kitchen - for LPS, LOL, & ...

Hey guys!  Today I made part 1 (the kitchen) in my 2 part DIY dollhouse kitchen/living room combo, perfectly sized for LPS, LOL dolls, Shopkins, My Little Pony, and other small dolls.  I've included a few printables to some kitchen items below, and any printable can be found in the description section of the video on Youtube.  Printable school lunch food, lunchables and snacks
Printable miniature yoo hoo bottles

DIY Miniature Picnic Basket with Snacks: Lays Potato Chips, Oreo Cookies...

Make this fun picnic basket (using a McDonald's sauce container and craft foam) and doll food today!  Click HERE for the printable food labels (printable Kraft cheese, sandwich meat, Lay's potato chips, and Oreo cookies). 

DIY Miniature Lunch Pail Bag with School Snacks - Lunchables, Fruit Snac...

Just in time for back to school!  Make this miniature lunch pail / bag with school snacks today.  Click HERE to access the printable labels (printable lunchables, fruit snacks, and cookies).

DIY Miniature Retro McDonalds Restaurant & Mini Fries, Burgers, & Chicke...

Hey guys!  Today I'm making a mini retro McDonald's restaurant, inspired by the old Barbie McDonald's sets.  Click HERE for the printable.

DIY Miniature Pool with Water

DIY Miniature Classroom and School Supplies: Back 2 School!

Hey guys!  It's time for back to school, and the LPS pets were in desperate need of a classroom, along with some printable textbooks.  This miniature dollhouse classroom is perfectly sized for LPS (Littlest Pet Shop) or other small dolls.  Click HERE for the Youtube tutorial and HERE for the miniature printable school books.
DIY Miniature Classroom

DIY Miniature Soda Cans with Slime Inside!

I love making slime, and I love making miniatures, so it made sense to combine the two!  This miniature slime DIY was a lot of fun to make.  Find the printable soda can labels HERE

DIY Miniature Sweet Bakery Donut Shop

DIY Miniature Dollhouse Bathroom, Toilet, Sink, & Accessories

Hey guys!  In today's Youtube tutorial, I'm making a miniature dollhouse bathroom (with toilet, working bathtub - it holds water, and miniature bathroom accessories).  This cute room was a lot of fun to make, and perfectly sized for small dolls like LPS (Littlest Pet Shop) or L.O.L. dolls.  As always, if you make this cute room, please leave me a comment.

I've made lots of miniature bathroom crafts over the years, such as mini shampoo bottles, real working mini bubble bath,  and mini Bath and Body works lotions and body washes, which you can use to fill your mini DIY dollhouse bathroom.

DIY Miniature Shampoo Bottles- Doll Bathroom Accessories

 Hey guys!  In today's Youtube tutorial, I'm making realistic miniature shampoo bottles for a dollhouse.  I love making printables, they just add so much to a dollhouse.  And if you have the colored printer, they are quite cheap.  I like to use glossy Mod Podge (a technique I learned from crafter Myfroggystuff) to make them look a little more realistic.  Click HERE for the printable miniature shampoo bottles.   Then make this DIY Mini Bathroom for your dolls today!

DIY Miniature Gatorade Bottles - Sports Drink Packs

Hey guys!  In today's DIY miniature Youtube tutorial, I'm making miniature Gatorade inspired bottles.  These were so much fun to make and perfect for any Barbie or LPS kitchen or picnic.  Find the free drink label printable HERE.

DIY Miniature Xbox One

Hey guys!  In today's Youtube DIY tutorial, I'm making and Xbox One and printable Xbox one video game templates.  I use craft foam to make the doll console and controllers.  Then print the free printable miniature video games and television screen on glossy photo paper, which I can wrap around craft foam for effect.  As always, if you make this craft, please leave a comment :) 
And while you're at it, why not make some DIY miniature donuts for your Barbie gamer with the free printable donut template.

How to Make a Dollhouse Room for a Girl - Not a Kit - DIY

Hey guys!  Today's tutorial is on how to make a miniature dollhouse room from scratch.  I love the miniature dollhouse kits, but you can also simply make your own using materials found at home.  While I normally use foam board for the miniature dollhouse rooms, for this particular room, I used a tissue box.  This room is perfectly sized for LPS (Littlest Pet Shop) pets, Shopkins, and other small dolls.  For slightly larger dollhouse rooms sized for LPS and LOL dolls, you might check out the Miniature Unicorn Dollhouse Bedroom or Miniature Mermaid Dollhouse Room.

How to Make a Doll Kiddie Pool with Slime or Water - Dollhouse DIY

DIY Miniature Working Dawn Dish Soap - How to Make

Hey guys!  Today's DIY Youtube tutorial is on how to make a working miniature Dawn inspired dish soap.  Using single use eye drops and hot glue, you can create miniature bottles that will actually hold liquid.  Then attach the printable Dawn dish soap label and add to your dollhouse kitchen.

DIY Miniature Karaoke Machine, Phone, & TV - How to Make

Hey guys!  Today's Youtube DIY tutorial is on how to make a dollhouse karaoke machine and tv screen.  This Barbie craft was a ton of fun, just using cardstock, craft foam, a Q-tip, a button, a bead, and the karaoke printables.  Barbie can belt her heart out!  Plus, it's the perfect dollhouse living room or pool scene accessory. 

DIY Miniature Erupting Volcano & Supplies - Vinegar & Baking Soda - How ...

Hey guys, today's DIY Youtube tutorial is on how to make a miniature erupting volcano.  This miniature science project was INCREDIBLY SATISFYING and SO MUCH FUN, just using vinegar, baking soda, clay, a plastic container, and craft foam for the base.  Print the free miniature vinegar and baking soda printable, and get to work.  And for any teachers out there, this would also be a super fun classroom science activity.

DIY Miniature Realistic Camera - Dollhouse Crafts

Hey guys!  Today's Youtube DIY Dollhouse Tutorial is on how to make a doll camera.  These cameras are the perfect dollhouse accessory, working for both Barbie dolls and LPS pets.  Then print the free printable Barbie photos or free printable LPS photos.  I like to print my photos on glossy photo paper, but you can always just print on paper, and add tape for gloss.

DIY Realistic Miniature Laptop - Dollhouse DIY

Hey guys!  In today's Youtube tutorial, I'm making these DIY miniature realistic dollhouse laptops.  No dollhouse is complete without a laptop, mouse, and mousepad.  I like to print my laptop printables on glossy photo paper, then attach to craft foam.  Click HERE for the miniature printable laptops.  And if you're in need of some cell phones, check out this post.

DIY Miniature Betta Fish Bowl

Hey guys!  In today's DIY Youtube tutorial, I'm making a miniature betta fish bowl for a dollhouse.  This was a lot of fun to make, and I love the effect of simply adding water to the bowl.  But, you would want to be very careful if placing this in a dollhouse.  A better option might be to use resin.  And it was a lot of fun manipulating hot glue to make the fish.  If you like this mini craft, you might also like my DIY Mermaid Bed or DIY Mermaid Dollhouse Bedroom.

DIY Realistic Miniature Ant Farm

Hey guys!  Today's DIY Youtube tutorial is on how to make a miniature dollhouse ant farm.  Did any of you ever have one as kids?  Or buy one for your kids?  I never did, but always thought they were super cool.  This craft was a ton of fun to make, so I hope you take a crack at it.  Print the free printable ant farm template and complete using clear plastic and craft foam.  And for more dollhouse "pets," you might like this miniature Betta fish bowl.

DIY Miniature Easter Eggs with Slime Inside

DIY Miniature Hatchimals

Hey guys!  In this Youtube DIY tutorial, I'm making miniature Hatchimals.  I use wooden beads, egg shaped erasers (purchased from Target), pom poms, puff paint, craft foam, and paint.  These mini hatchimals are the perfect dollhouse toy for any bedroom.  They go perfectly with the miniature dollhouse toy store tutorial

DIY Miniature Soda Bottles - with Slime Inside!

Hey guys!  In today's Youtube DIY tutorial, I made miniature soda bottles and mini slime.  My daughter is obsessed with making slime, so naturally, I got hooked, too.  And I love making printables and miniature doll food.  I often make my printables using free clip art from or  If you're interested in learning how to make your own, please let me know, via a comment here or on my Youtube channel.

Click HERE for the printable soda bottle labels.

DIY Miniature Toy Dog and Miniature Purse - Doll Crafts!

Hey guys!  Today's Youtube tutorial is on how to make a mini purse with a miniature dog inside.  This was a super fun craft, and the perfect dollhouse bedroom accessory - if your Barbie or LPS loves dogs, of course :)  As always, if you make this craft, please leave me a comment :)

DIY Miniature Realistic Glue, Starch, & Slime -Slime Supplies - Really W...

Hey guys!  This was one of my most popular DIY miniature slime Youtube tutorials!  In this viral slime video, I show you how to make miniature slime supplies (mini starch and mini glue) that actually work, and are perfectly sized for a dollhouse.  You can find the mini slime labels HERE.

For more miniature slime videos, check out my Mini Slime Shamrock Milkshake, Soda Can Slime, or DIY Miniature Soda Bottle Slime.

DIY Miniature First Aid Kit

Hey guys!  Today I made a DIY miniature first aid kit on my Youtube channel, just using cardstock and some printables.  No dollhouse is complete without a first aid kit.  This one holds peroxide, mini band-aids, a thermometer, and more. The Youtube tutorial is HERE.  Or click HERE and HERE for the printable dollhouse first aid kit. 
As always, if you make this craft, please leave me a comment letting me know :)

DIY Miniature First Aid Kit

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