DIY Miniature Gatorade Bottles - Sports Drink Packs

Hey guys!  In today's DIY miniature Youtube tutorial, I'm making miniature Gatorade inspired bottles.  These were so much fun to make and perfect for any Barbie or LPS kitchen or picnic.  Find the free drink label printable HERE.

DIY Miniature Xbox One

Hey guys!  In today's Youtube DIY tutorial, I'm making and Xbox One and printable Xbox one video game templates.  I use craft foam to make the doll console and controllers.  Then print the free printable miniature video games and television screen on glossy photo paper, which I can wrap around craft foam for effect.  As always, if you make this craft, please leave a comment :) 
And while you're at it, why not make some DIY miniature donuts for your Barbie gamer with the free printable donut template.

How to Make a Dollhouse Room for a Girl - Not a Kit - DIY

Hey guys!  Today's tutorial is on how to make a miniature dollhouse room from scratch.  I love the miniature dollhouse kits, but you can also simply make your own using materials found at home.  While I normally use foam board for the miniature dollhouse rooms, for this particular room, I used a tissue box.  This room is perfectly sized for LPS (Littlest Pet Shop) pets, Shopkins, and other small dolls.  For slightly larger dollhouse rooms sized for LPS and LOL dolls, you might check out the Miniature Unicorn Dollhouse Bedroom or Miniature Mermaid Dollhouse Room.

How to Make a Doll Kiddie Pool with Slime or Water - Dollhouse DIY

DIY Miniature Working Dawn Dish Soap - How to Make

Hey guys!  Today's DIY Youtube tutorial is on how to make a working miniature Dawn inspired dish soap.  Using single use eye drops and hot glue, you can create miniature bottles that will actually hold liquid.  Then attach the printable Dawn dish soap label and add to your dollhouse kitchen.

DIY Miniature Karaoke Machine, Phone, & TV - How to Make

Hey guys!  Today's Youtube DIY tutorial is on how to make a dollhouse karaoke machine and tv screen.  This Barbie craft was a ton of fun, just using cardstock, craft foam, a Q-tip, a button, a bead, and the karaoke printables.  Barbie can belt her heart out!  Plus, it's the perfect dollhouse living room or pool scene accessory. 

DIY Miniature Erupting Volcano & Supplies - Vinegar & Baking Soda - How ...

Hey guys, today's DIY Youtube tutorial is on how to make a miniature erupting volcano.  This miniature science project was INCREDIBLY SATISFYING and SO MUCH FUN, just using vinegar, baking soda, clay, a plastic container, and craft foam for the base.  Print the free miniature vinegar and baking soda printable, and get to work.  And for any teachers out there, this would also be a super fun classroom science activity.

DIY Miniature Realistic Camera - Dollhouse Crafts

Hey guys!  Today's Youtube DIY Dollhouse Tutorial is on how to make a doll camera.  These cameras are the perfect dollhouse accessory, working for both Barbie dolls and LPS pets.  Then print the free printable Barbie photos or free printable LPS photos.  I like to print my photos on glossy photo paper, but you can always just print on paper, and add tape for gloss.

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