DIY Miniature Doll Headphones & Cell Phone

Hey guys!  Are your dolls in need of some electronics?  Make these DIY miniature Barbie headphones and cell phones today.  I used hot glue and parchment paper to shape the headphones, and the miniature cell phones are a printable.  Click HERE to access the DIY mini cell phone printable.  Or find my updated printable miniature cell phones HERE.  You can print them on glossy photo paper, or regular paper and add tape for a glossy effect.  Then glue to cardstock.

DIY Miniature Soap Dispensers - Panda, Frog, & Teddy Bear

These mini soap dispensers are so much fun!

DIY Miniature Soda Cans Six Pack - Dollhouse DIY

Hey guys!  Today's Youtube DIY tutorial is on how to make a six-pack of miniature soda cans for your dolls.  I love making printables and printable doll food and drinks are an easy way to add life to a dollhouse kitchen.  I simply printed these on paper, then used glossy Mod Podge to make them look a little bit more realistic.  That, by the way, is a technique I learned from the incredibly talented crafter Myfroggystuff. 

You can find the printable soda can labels HERE.  As always, please let me know if you make them :)

DIY Miniature Halloween Pumpkin Pails / Buckets & Candy Bars

Hey guys!  Today's Youtube tutorial is Halloween-themed.  I'm making super easy miniature Halloween pails (buckets) and miniature candy bars.  I love making printables, so I really hope you guys enjoy these dollhouse printables.  Click HERE to get them and fill your cute room today! 

DIY Miniature Face Paint Kits!

DIY Miniature Doll Canteen (Actually Works)

Hey guys! Make these fun WORKING miniature doll canteens. You can refill with water time and again.

DIY Miniature Doll Piggy Banks

Hey guys! Today, I'm making mini piggy banks for your dolls using model magic.

DIY Miniature Play Doh

Hey guys!  In today's Youtube tutorial, I show you how to make miniature play doh containers for your dolls.  I love making printables.  They are such a cheap, easy way to bring life to a dollhouse.  I simply printed these labels on paper, and added tape for gloss.  You can also use glossy Mod Podge.  Click HERE for the miniature printable labels.

DIY Miniature Working Doll Clipboards

Use hot glue and a hair clip to make the cutest miniature working clipboards for your dolls.

DIY LPS Doll Trundle (Pull out) Bed

My dolls LOVE this miniature DIY trundle bed because they can have sleepovers!  Your dolls will too.  The rail can be a little tricky, so you skip it and just make the bottom bunk so that it can slide under. 

DIY LPS or MLP Doll Bakery

I don't know about your pets, but mine have been asking for a bakery for FOREVER!  These dolls love their breads.  Make them a fun place to bake and hang out by following this DIY.  We're making rolls and bagels.  Plus, we've got donuts from a previous DIY video.


DIY LPS Doll Camp Cabin

Send your pets to camp in style with this fun "log" cabin, made from large paper straws.  Just think of all of the fun they will have hanging out in a camp cabin.

DIY Doll Microwave for LPS and MLP

Do your dolls tire of having to cook all of the time?  Make them a microwave so that they can finally eat on the go!  This microwave has a door that opens and closes.


DIY Doll Travel Accessories: Passport, Diary, Real Pencils, & Pens: LPS DIY

Make sure your pets can travel in style with this fun tutorial.  Make easy travel / school accessories for your LPS doll including pens and pencils, passports, diaries, money, and a pencil case.  The miniature pencils really work!


DIY LPS or MLP Doll Suitcases - Luggage

These suitcases are so much fun.  They open and close, so that you can put all of your little skirts and accessories inside.  Combine this with my passport tutorial and your pets can travel in style!

DIY LPS Skirts

Skirts, skirts, skirts!  Our LPS love love love to wear cute little skirts.  So go make them some!  I love the thin glitter craft foam for these skirts, but you can use whatever craft foam paper you have on hand.

DIY Doll Photo Booth : LPS Doll DIY

Who doesn't love a photo booth?  You know your pets would have a blast in this miniature DIY doll photo booth.  So get to work, guys!



DIY Doll Lockers for LPS or MLP

I love love love these miniature doll lockers that open and close for your LPS, MLP, or small dolls.  These are the perfect addition to your LPS school videos or series.



DIY LPS Doll Computer Desk PLUS Accessories (Alarm Clock, Notebooks, Cal...

Hey guys! This is my favorite computer desk.  First, it's super easy to make, and second, there's room for all of my LPS doll's miniature accessories like water bottles, alarm clocks, miniature notebooks, calculators, books, and a laptop.  Make a #DIY computer desk for your LPS out of craft foam.  Do it TODAY, guys! 





DIY Doll Laptop for LPS or MLP

If you love Youtube, you know your pets do too, right?  Why not make them a laptop and a printable that takes them straight to Youtube?  In this DIY tutorial, I make mini laptops using thin craft foam paper (you can get some at Dollar Tree, if you live in the U.S.), wire, super glue, and printables. 


DIY Miniature Soda Bottles : Doll Food DIY

My LPS dolls LOVE soda and begged me to get them some of those yummy 2 liter miniature soda bottles.  Now, I don't let them drink it all of the time, but it makes for a nice treat.  Make your pets some using regular glue sticks and hot glue.  Be sure and ask a parent for help when using the hot glue. You can grab labels from newspaper ads or use mine!


How to Make an LPS Stove Oven : Doll Kitchen DIY

Do your LPS love to cook?  I've got a few that do.  Jasmine, in particular, loves to cook.  So I figured it was time to finally make her a stove.  Make a miniature DIY stove / oven for your doll using craft foam paper, hot glue, and a Q-tip for your hinge, so that the door will open and close.

How to Make Miniature Donuts & Donut Box : LPS Doll Food DIY

These #DIY #miniature doll donuts are delicious, so I've been told.  Make some for your #LPS, #MLP, or small doll today.  Then use the printable to make a fun little box so your dolls can take them to work.


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