DIY Miniature Strawberry Shortcake Kitchen

Hey guys, in today's DIY Miniature Youtube tutorial, I'm making a Strawberry Shortcake themed kitchen, perfectly sized for L.O.L dolls or LPS pets.  My daughter and I love the characters and their fun, colorful little universe.  Are any of you fans?  If you'd like the printable strawberry wallpaper, click HERE.

DIY Miniature Panda Crafts - Lunchpail, Purse, TV, Cake, Etc

Hey guys!  In today's youtube miniature DIY tutorial, I'm making panda themed miniatures, such as a retro doll TV, a lunchpail, cake, lamp, printable coloring book and cell phone, mug, purse, and diary. 
If you love pandas, check out my other mini tutorial for the printable tablet and notebooks HERE.

DIY My Little Pony Miniatures Apple Jack Zippered Suitcase, Headbands, W...

Hey guys!  In today's Youtube tutorial, I'm making more My Little Pony miniatures.  An Apple Jack inspired zippered suitcase, headbands, a Barbie cowboy hat, and a miniature wallet with printable doll money, credit cards, I.D., and checks.

DIY Miniature Hello Kitty Pet Bed

Hey guys!  In today's Youtube DIY Miniature Tutorial, I'm making a super easy pet / dog bed for LPS or Barbie pets, just using thick craft foam, fabric, paint, and a printable Hello Kitty picture.  This craft was super easy to make, please let me know if you make one!

10 DIY Miniature Summer Doll Crafts - Watermelon Hat, Purse, Sandals, & ...

Hey guys!  In today's DIY Miniature Youtube tutorial, I'm making summer doll miniatures.  A watermelon hat, sandals, a tote or purse, pineapple drinks, skateboards, picnic baskets, a camera, and sunglasses.  Almost everything your doll needs for her summer :) 

As always, please leave a comment or tag me on Instagram (Rainbow Tinkles World) if you make something, I would LOVE to see your work!

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