DIY Miniature Hammock

These little hammocks were super easy to make, and perfect for LPS, LOL, Shopkins, or other small (not too heavy) dolls.

DIY Miniature Campsite Outdoor Scene

Today I made a miniature campsite or outdoor scene for your LPS, LOL, Shopkins, or other small dolls.

DIY Miniature Dollhouse Tent & Lantern

Fall is the perfect time to make your dolls a tent and camping supplies.  I'm loving this little tent, made from craft foam and felt.  The perfect size for LOL, LPS, or Shopkins dolls.

How to Make Barbie Girl Scout Cookies, Sash, and Beret - DIY

Today I made some DIY Girl Scout inspired crafts!  Girl scout cookies, badges, the sash, and a beret!  Perfect for Barbie.  The printable girl scout inspired cookie boxes are HERE.

Toy Review: LPS Cruise Ship Playset Unboxing PLUS Teensies, Pet Pairs, &...

I love this little LPS playset!  The LPS Cruise Ship is absolutely adorable, with room for 30 pets.  Check it out!!

DIY Miniature Living Room with Working Door, TV, Sofa, Lamp, Games, Book...

Finally!  I finished my miniature kitchen /living room combo for LPS and other small dolls.  Includes a sofa, tv, lamp, tv stand, and more.  Plus click HERE and HERE for some printable miniatures (television screen, books, frames, and games).

DIY Miniature Princess Bed for LOL, LPS, & Small Dolls

Hey guys, today I'm making a fun little princess bed for LPS, MLP, or LOL sized dolls.  The crown was a lot of fun to make, made from craft foam (my favorite) and gems.

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