DIY Hello Kitty Miniatures - Zippered Suitcase, Travel Accessories, Etc.

Hey guys!  In this Youtube DIY miniature tutorial I show you how to make Hello Kitty inspired miniatures, including a zippered suitcase capable of holding tons of dollhouse miniatures, a travel pillow, Hello Kitty mini pillow, and tablet and case.  And find more Barbie miniature travel accessories in my miniature owl suitcase tutorial.  Toss in some Barbie or LPS free printable magazines, as well as some printable doll money and credit cards, and you are totally good to go!

DIY Miniature Unicorn Miniatures - Tote bag, cell phone, colored pencils...

Hey guys!  Today's DIY tutorial is on how to make unicorn themed miniatures - so mini tote bags, a cell  phone, tablet, notebooks, coloring books and working colored pencils, and a fun unicorn trash can (made out of a coffee creamer container).  Print the free printable on paper, then add tape for a glossy effect on the miniature tablet and cell phone.

DIY Printable Miniature Coloring Books - Cats & Unicorns!

I love love love making miniature printables for Barbie, LPS, and other small dolls and their dollhouses.  Free printables just add so much to a room, plus they're much cheaper than buying Barbie accessories, and you can craft your own styles using programs like Inkscape to create your art, or using free clipart from sites like or

These free miniature cat and unicorn coloring books go perfect with my miniature working crayon tutorial.  As always, if you make them, please let me know.  And FOLLOW this blog for more free printables and dollhouse miniatures.

5 Easy Pom Pom Crafts for Kids! DIY Miniature Squishables!

Do you have tons of pom poms but have no idea what to do with them?  These miniature pom pom squishables, or pillows, are inspired by these adorable real Squishables that kind of remind me of a cuter pillow pet.  This easy, kid-friendly pom pom craft is tons of fun, and perfect for dollhouses (they look great on a Barbie bed) and well as just a ton of fun to make.  You could also attach these pom poms to a keychain.  With just a few materials, you can make mini owls, foxes, monkeys, cats, and cat paws.

To create these miniature pom pom crafts, I used large and small pom poms (on the cat paw) thin craft foam, acrylic paint, a multi-hole punch, and a dotting tool.
I use my multi-hole punch for all sorts of kid crafts, you can find them on Amazon or Michaels.  As always, let me know in the comments if you make them. 

6 DIY LPS Printable Magazines! Print Yours Today!

We are a Barbie and LPS (Littlest Pet Shop) household, which is why so many of the dollhouse crafts I make on Youtube are so tiny (sized for small dolls).  My daughter got me into LPS years ago, and while she is starting to move on, I still thoroughly enjoy making dollhouse miniatures for LPS and Barbie.  After making the free printable Barbie magazines, I knew I had to make some LPS  magazines, too, using a mix of new and old LPS pets as models.

DIY Printable LPS Magazines

To print, simply click on the link, which will take you to a PDF, then print the free printable (preferably on the highest quality setting).  Or print on glossy photo paper.  Then fold paper accordion style and glue inside your printable.  As always, if you make this dollhouse diy or any other dollhouse craft, please let me know in the comments section.

DIY Miniature Hot Dog Stand for LPS, LOL, & Small Dolls

Hey guys!  Today's Youtube tutorial is on how to make a DIY miniature hot dog stand for small dolls like LPS (Littlest Pet Shop) and L.O.L.  I also made teeny little chips, a free printable, that you can print (I highly recommend printing on the highest quality setting).  Simply click on the link above, and print the PDF.  As always, if you make this craft, please let me know!  This mini dollhouse craft was a lot of fun to make, and the perfect dollhouse accessory for summer crafting.

More Dollhouse Room Decor! 6 DIY Printable Barbie Magazines

Hey guys!  Today I made some printable Barbie dollhouse magazines.  These free printable magazine templates are the perfect dollhouse living room or bedroom accessory.  Get yours today!  The link will take you to a printable PDF.  You'll want to print them on the highest quality setting, then fold paper accordion style and glue inside.

Printable Barbie Magazines

Print Your Free Printable Today!

10 DIY Miniature Doll Crafts -Easy Bead Crafts!

Hey guys, today's DIY Youtube tutorial is all about how to turn your wooden beads into adorable dollhouse miniature crafts.  Make lamps, animal-theme soap dispensers, coconut drinks, mugs, flower pots, and more!

3 Easy DIY Barbie Fuzzy Headbands / Earmuffs

Hey guys!  I love simple doll crafts, in fact, the easier, the better.  I also love pom poms and pipecleaners.  They're so soft and pretty, and make the best super easy miniature Barbie fuzzy headbands and ear muffs.  Plus, they're pretty cheap, you can find both at Dollar Tree (for $1), as well as any craft store.  For thicker (and sturdier) miniature doll headbands, I first fold my pipecleaner in two, then twist.

DIY Miniature Barbie Fuzzy Headbands
For the DIY fox mini headband, I cut a larger pipecleaner into two triangles, then add black trim with a Sharpie, before using hot glue to attach.

To make frog eyes for a DIY frog headband, glue on 2 pom poms, then use a hole punch and thin craft foam to create the eyes.
And for the miniature cat Barbie ear muffs, I use regular pink craft foam for the ears, and thinner craft foam on the ends of the pom poms.

As always, please let me know if you make this craft.  And subscribe for more DIY miniature crafts.  

DIY Miniature Dollhouse Room for Unikitty! Part Cat, Part Unicorn - DIY

Hey guys!  Today's craft is a miniature dollhouse room for Unikitty - the adorable Lego Movie character that is half cat, half unicorn.  I love making dollhouse rooms, and almost always use foam board for the floors and wall.  You can find it for $1 at Dollar Tree.  And the large sheet will last through many miniature dollhouse crafts.  Then attach the free printable miniature wall art.

Get That Money! DIY Miniature Barbie Doll Printable Cash, Checks, & Credit Cards!

As you likely know by now, I love love LOVE making dollhouse printables.  They are so much fun to make and miniature printables just add so much to a dollhouse.  I've made LPS printable cash in the past, and figured it was time to make some printable money, checks, and credit cards for Barbie.  I like to print my money on glossy photo paper, but you can, of course, simply use regular paper.
DIY Printable Doll Cash, Credit Cards, and Checks
Once you've printed your free printable cash, credit cards, and checks, you might try making this DIY Barbie purse made out of craft foam.  As always, please let me know in the comments if you make the Barbie or LPS money.
Get That Money - Barbie Cash, Checks, & Credit Cards

LPS Fans! DIY Miniature Printable LPS Frames and Photos for an LPS Dollhouse

Hey guys!  Today I updated some miniature dollhouse photos for LPS (Littlest Pet Shop) dolls.  These work in conjunction with my DIY Miniature Dollhouse LPS Photo Booth , but are perfect as room decor for any small room designed with LPS pets in mind.  As you may know by now, I LOVE making doll printables, and I'm taking requests.  Please leave me a comment with any ideas :)  I like to print my photos on glossy photo paper, but you can also simply print on paper, and add tape for extra gloss.
Printable LPS Photos and Frames

9 DIY Owl Miniatures - Zippered Suitcase, Travel Accessories, Etc.

Hey guys!  Today I made some owl-themed dollhouse miniatures including a zippered doll suitcase (perfectly sized for Barbie), and some other travel accessories.  I created two printables - one for the notebooks and passport, and one for the miniature doll electronics.  I like to print my electronics (laptop, tablet, and cell phone) on glossy photo paper, but you can also print on paper, then cover with tape. 

This is part of a larger series of animal-themed dollhouse miniatures.  Click HERE for the miniature monkey craft tutorial.  HERE for the miniature dog craft tutorial, or HERE for the miniature panda tutorial.  

3 Miniature Printable Doll Board Games For Your Dolls! Make These Today!

Hey guys!  With spring break upon us, it's the perfect time to make some more miniature doll printables for the dollhouse.  Find miniature Monopoly (with printable money), Scrabble, and Checkers templates, perfectly sized for Barbie. 
DIY Miniature Printable Doll Board Games
Print the Barbie printable on cardstock.  For the doll Scrabble (Scribble) game, glue the light brown sheet to the other side of the Scrabble letters.  Then cut.  You can make the holder using popsicle sticks.
Then use a hole punch to punch out craft foam pieces for the Checkers game.
And paint tiny beads silver for the miniature Monopoly game pieces.  As always, please let me know if you make this dollhouse craft!

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