6 DIY LPS Printable Magazines! Print Yours Today!

We are a Barbie and LPS (Littlest Pet Shop) household, which is why so many of the dollhouse crafts I make on Youtube are so tiny (sized for small dolls).  My daughter got me into LPS years ago, and while she is starting to move on, I still thoroughly enjoy making dollhouse miniatures for LPS and Barbie.  After making the free printable Barbie magazines, I knew I had to make some LPS  magazines, too, using a mix of new and old LPS pets as models.

DIY Printable LPS Magazines

To print, simply click on the link, which will take you to a PDF, then print the free printable (preferably on the highest quality setting).  Or print on glossy photo paper.  Then fold paper accordion style and glue inside your printable.  As always, if you make this dollhouse diy or any other dollhouse craft, please let me know in the comments section.


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