DIY Miniature Jewelry Box & Halloween Jewelry / Accessories (Ring, Earri...

Today I made this fun miniature jewelry box, along with some super easy Halloween themed jewelry, craft foam chokers, earrings, and a fun little eyeball ring.

DIY LPS Custom - Harley Quinn

Today I made my first LPS custom!  And I must admit, I absolutely adore this little Harley Quinn!  I'm thinking about doing some more.  Have you ever customized your LPS? 

DIY Miniature Candy Caramel Apples - Doll Fall Food

Today I made delicious (slightly nutritious?) miniature candy apples, perfect for Barbie dolls and LPS pets as they begin the fall season.  My mom is absolutely obsessed with candy apples, though I've
never been much of a fan.  I'm much more of a chocolate kinda girl ;) 

DIY Miniature Doghouse for LPS with accessories (dog food, bowl, flower ...

Hey guys, today I made this fun little doghouse, the perfect size for LPS pets, along with a food bowl, little flower pot, bone, and miniature dog food.  You can find the dog food printable HERE.

DIY Miniature Kitchen Living Room Combo - The Kitchen - for LPS, LOL, & ...

Hey guys!  Today I made part 1 (the kitchen) in my 2 part DIY dollhouse kitchen/living room combo, perfectly sized for LPS, LOL dolls, Shopkins, My Little Pony, and other small dolls.  I've included a few printables to some kitchen items below, and any printable can be found in the description section of the video on Youtube.  Printable school lunch food, lunchables and snacks
Printable miniature yoo hoo bottles

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