DIY Miniature Kitchen Living Room Combo - The Kitchen - for LPS, LOL, & ...

Hey guys!  Today I made part 1 (the kitchen) in my 2 part DIY dollhouse kitchen/living room combo, perfectly sized for LPS, LOL dolls, Shopkins, My Little Pony, and other small dolls.  I've included a few printables to some kitchen items below, and any printable can be found in the description section of the video on Youtube.  Printable school lunch food, lunchables and snacks
Printable miniature yoo hoo bottles


  1. Hi! Do you have suggestions on where I can get the printables for this video and your Part 2 one? My daughter loves making your crafts! Thank you!

    1. Hi there, so sorry I missed this! I link to the relevant printables within the description section of the video. Sometime soon I just need to create a printable page here :)


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