DIY Miniature Realistic Glue, Starch, & Slime -Slime Supplies - Really W...

Hey guys!  This was one of my most popular DIY miniature slime Youtube tutorials!  In this viral slime video, I show you how to make miniature slime supplies (mini starch and mini glue) that actually work, and are perfectly sized for a dollhouse.  You can find the mini slime labels HERE.

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DIY Miniature First Aid Kit

Hey guys!  Today I made a DIY miniature first aid kit on my Youtube channel, just using cardstock and some printables.  No dollhouse is complete without a first aid kit.  This one holds peroxide, mini band-aids, a thermometer, and more. The Youtube tutorial is HERE.  Or click HERE and HERE for the printable dollhouse first aid kit. 
As always, if you make this craft, please leave me a comment letting me know :)

DIY Miniature First Aid Kit

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