DIY Miniature Dollhouse Room for Unikitty! Part Cat, Part Unicorn - DIY

Hey guys!  Today's craft is a miniature dollhouse room for Unikitty - the adorable Lego Movie character that is half cat, half unicorn.  I love making dollhouse rooms, and almost always use foam board for the floors and wall.  You can find it for $1 at Dollar Tree.  And the large sheet will last through many miniature dollhouse crafts.  Then attach the free printable miniature wall art.


  1. Hi! I really wanna create this room with my daughter, but not sure about the measures of the room and furniture. Can you please write some instructions regarding the proportions or the size of the room and bed?

  2. Of course. The room base is 7 x 7 inches, the walls are 6 inches tall.

    The unicorn bed is just under 2.5 inches wide. Back piece is just under 3 inches tall; front piece is right at 1.5 inches. The middle section is 3.25 inches long.

    The bookshelf is 3.5 inches tall, the width at the bottom is 3 inches.

    I don't normally include measurements because they will vary depending on the size of the dolls - L.O.L, LPS, etc :)

    Your daughter is lucky to have a crafty parent :)

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  4. Hey I absolutely LOVE this!!!! However there are only 4 (maybe 5) printables. How can I make the rest of the gorgeous and unique decorations?!? Btw, You should definitely sell on Etsy!!! I'd buy this piece of unique art! I LOVE Unicorns and Unikitty!!!


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