3 Easy DIY Barbie Fuzzy Headbands / Earmuffs

Hey guys!  I love simple doll crafts, in fact, the easier, the better.  I also love pom poms and pipecleaners.  They're so soft and pretty, and make the best super easy miniature Barbie fuzzy headbands and ear muffs.  Plus, they're pretty cheap, you can find both at Dollar Tree (for $1), as well as any craft store.  For thicker (and sturdier) miniature doll headbands, I first fold my pipecleaner in two, then twist.

DIY Miniature Barbie Fuzzy Headbands
For the DIY fox mini headband, I cut a larger pipecleaner into two triangles, then add black trim with a Sharpie, before using hot glue to attach.

To make frog eyes for a DIY frog headband, glue on 2 pom poms, then use a hole punch and thin craft foam to create the eyes.
And for the miniature cat Barbie ear muffs, I use regular pink craft foam for the ears, and thinner craft foam on the ends of the pom poms.

As always, please let me know if you make this craft.  And subscribe for more DIY miniature crafts.  


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