Why Buy a Dollhouse Kit When You Can Craft One! Like this DIY Miniature Dollhouse Bedroom with a Bunk Bed!

Hey guys!  Today I'm making a DIY Miniature Dollhouse with a bunk bed for small dolls like LPS, Lol, or Shopkins on my Youtube channel.  I also show you how to make some super cute origami miniature dresses, which I learned how to make by watching fellow Youtube crafter Red Ted Art.  Click HERE to see her origami dresses.

I was inspired to make this miniature bunk bed dollhouse by the Banggood miniature dollhouse kit, which you can find HERE.  I love making cute rooms, and would love to see yours.  Please let me know if you make this cute room :)
Click HERE for the tiny laptop printables and more that I used in the tutorial.

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