Eek! More Fun Mini School Supplies - 11 DIY Fox Miniatures - Backpack, Notebooks, & More

Hey guys!  In today's DIY miniature Youtube tutorial, I'll show you how to make some DIY dollhouse fox-themed miniature school supplies, including a mini backpack with a zipper, notebooks, a tablet and case, mini folders, a doll headband, miniature calculators, and other mini school supplies.

This is part of a larger series of animal-themed dollhouse miniatures.  Click HERE for the miniature monkey craft tutorial.  HERE for the miniature dog craft tutorial, or HERE for the miniature panda tutorial. 

These crafts work for Barbie dolls, but could be resized (some) for LPS (Littlest Pet Shop) pets.  These little zippered backpacks would even make a fun kid-friendly gift to give a friend as a mini change purse.  Click HERE to watch the video!  And click HERE for the printable tablet, mini folders, miniature notebook paper, and notebooks.
DIY Miniature Fox Crafts

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