Easy Miniature Easter Baskets - Reuse Those Coffee Pods!

With Easter just around the corner, what better use for your leftover coffee pods than by making miniature Easter baskets? What crafter doesn't love to find clever ways to reuse items that would otherwise get tossed in the trash?  These Keurig coffee pods are the perfect container for plenty of fun, kid-friendly crafts.

I first trimmed my Keurig coffee pod to about an inch in height, then glued a small spool of ribbon.  First using hot glue, then getting annoyed with how long it took, and switching to tacky glue.
 To help keep the ribbon ends from fraying, I like to apply a bit of clear nail polish.  Give it time to dry, then glue in place.
Then I added a puffy sticker for detail.  I found some adorable puffy animal-themed stickers on Amazon that I use in a lot of my miniature dollhouse crafts.

Or check out my other DIY Miniature Easter Basket (video) tutorial

As always, if you make this craft, or have other suggestions for the coffee pods, please leave me a comment.  Happy Easter! 


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