10 DIY Frog Miniatures - Purse, Lunchpail, Diary, Tablet, Notebooks, & More

I love these miniature frog crafts, so I hope you do too!  Today, I made more DIY LPS and DIY Barbie animal inspired miniatures on my Youtube channel, including a mini purse, doll headband, book ends, doll tablet, doll lunch pail, miniature diary, and more.

This is part of a larger series of animal-inspired crafts, which seem to be a hit (probably something to do with the fact that animals are so incredibly adorable).  So, if you like these DIY miniatures, please check out my other posts.  The CAT minis are HERE, DOG minis HERE, FOX minis HERE, MONKEY minis HERE, PANDA minis HERE, and BUNNY minis HERE.

Click HERE for the printable frog miniature dollhouse notebooks!


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