DIY Miniature Donuts, Dog & Panda Mugs, & Newspapers

Hey guys!  Today's Youtube tutorial is on how to make miniature donuts, newspapers, and animal-themed coffee mugs.  You can find the printable miniature doll newspapers HERE and the free printable donut box HERE.


  1. I just love your minatures tutorials. They have provided me much inspiration and ideas for the dollhouse I am working on. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for your free printables. It's hard to make some things without being able to print them
    Thank you for sharing your artwork with us. It is very much appreciated I love your newspapers and fox printables. I'm so glad I found you. I'll make sure to recommend you
    In my videos
    I have a hard time with computers so it's really nice that you share your artwork with others. I love your craft and keep up the good work


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